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Pathways to the Professions

Pathways to the Professions, a project which works with pupils interested in studying Law, Medicine and Vet Medicine in Edinburgh and the Lothians, is being merged with another project to form Access to the Professions with Reach Scotland.  In connection with this change, the project will no longer work with pupils from Boroughmuir High School as the focus will be on supporting pupils in schools with below-average progression rates to Higher Education.

The project will, however, continue working with Boroughmuir pupils who are either:
care experienced; orlive in a postcode area within the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation lowest 20%. Pupils who are already signed up to Pathways to the Professions will not be removed from the records and will be able to continue taking part in Access to the Professions until they leave school or decide to withdraw from the project.